About Our Doctors - Lima Hemorrhoid Specialists


Howard Solomon, MD

Gastroenterologist since 1993

Fellowship trained at Western Pennsylvania Hospital

Board Certified in Gastroenterology




Robert Neidich, MD

Gastroenterologist since 1995

Fellowship trained at Washington University

Board Certified in Gastroenterology

Former Chief of Staff, St Rita’s Medical Center



Tariq Sheikh, MD

Gastroenterologist since 2000

Fellowship trained at University of Mississippi Medical Center

Board Certified in Gastroenterology

Former Chief of Gastroenterology, St Rita’s Medical Center & Lima Memorial Hospital

Jayde Kurland, MD

Gastroenterologist since 2005

Fellowship trained at Naval Medical Center, San Diego and Beth Israel/Harvard Medical

Board Certified in Gastroenterology & Internal Medicine

Fellow, American College of Physicians (FACP)

Fellow, American College of Gastroenterology (FACG)

Fellow, American Gastroenterological Association

Chief of Gastroenterology at St Rita’s Medical Center & Lima Memorial Medical Center

Scott Rinesmith, MD

Gastroenterologist since 2007

Fellowship trained at The Ohio State University

Board Certified in Gastroenterology & Internal Medicine




Sheena Patel, MD

Fellowship trained at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center

Board Certified in Internal Medicine








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Fast & Effective

The procedure takes about 1 minute to perform and is 95% effective.

No Recovery Time

Most patients can resume normal activities the same day.


The procedure is painless and typically no pain medication is required after the procedure.

Covered by Insurance

The procedure is covered by Medicare and most insurance plans.

This non-surgical procedure has been performed over 1,000,000 times on patients across the country.

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After suffering 50 years of foolish discomfort and only three visits, I feel like a new woman. Thank you for making such an amazing difference in my everyday life.